Monday 2 February 2009

Well it looks like a lot of the country has been hit by snow. I umm'd and arr'd whether to go into work as the snow wasn't too bad and the roads were apparently ok with care. I was concerned having travelled to MK I would end up just coming home soon after as the weather was forecast for more snow. Well they weren't wrong - it has been snowing for most of the day on and off now.

Here are a couple of pics the first one in our back garden from the bedroom window....I have not ventured outside!

The next picture is looking over next doors garden to the 'meadow' beyond, the trees certainly look fantastic. i was hoping it would stop snowing and the sun would come out - it made a brief appearance for 5 mins or so and that was it!

I hve actually made some cards you will be pleased to know....


  1. Stunning photos... I think I'd have to stay at home if I had views like that anyway.!!.xx

  2. ohhhhhhh the snow ! i have it everywhere too ~carolyn !

  3. WOW i love your garden!!! your pics are lovely xx jo xx

  4. great pictures, I'm so jealous .. none here


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