Even more Snow!

Friday 6 February 2009

Today I had to take my friend to hospital in MK - we were supposed to be there for around 7:45 - so we set off at 7:15 (a bit later than intended but they had assured my friend that we didn't need to be there that early in the end!) We arrived at 8:15...it wasn't snowing when we left but was soon becoming quite a blizzard by the time we arrived....I then waited until 9:15 as the Doctor hadn't arrived. BUT all was well and she had arrived - so I went off to work.

The first pic is of my journey in MK from the hospital - although it was pretty much like that all the way..

However the journey home was much better - I did leave at 2:15 as they were threatening more snow, I followed the gritter lorry with a snow plough attached to the front up to the motorway.

The final picture is the hill down into our estate - a little hair raising driving on the slush...and the last piece of my journey was completed with the aid of two men and two shovels - as my little car was having none of being put back on the drive.....


  1. Wow Carolyn, those first pics look a bit trecherous!

    Hope you don't get too much more, some places have it real bad don't they.

  2. Ahhh...so that's what men are for...hee hee...

    Glad you got home ok..xx

  3. it looks rather slippery on the way to the hospital.

    glad you got some help to put the car back where it belongs

  4. O my glad you got there and back safely! great pictures!

  5. Glad you were safe. Fab pictures. Take care and keep safe. x

  6. Blimey Carolyn. We got a fair bit but it's all melted now :-(


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