Denim bag - with expanding strap

Thursday 19 March 2020

OOh my very first expandable strap, was so easy, just needed the right gubbins to do it.  Put a zipped top on this one also, have now made 2 more and will get take some pics of them in the sunshine...well maybe!

Well this week has turned out to be a different kind of week, one I have never experienced in my lifetime, we are confined to home, as my husband has kidney and heart condition...he didn't make the over 70 though.

I keep thinking - well that will be OK I can cope, but I am so used to nipping out to somewhere...either to walk into town, or go in the very odd.  Only been 3 days that we have been doing it for and fed up already..... ha ha

This one was a lazy make really - as all the embroidery was done for me.

crafting and nattering

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