Friday, 24 December 2021

I sat and watch a WI class on how to make Christmas crackers, I wasn't too sure I liked them.

The green one was my first go, and then formed a template for the rest.  It was too small for the bottle.

So I came home, and got my one lonely cracker out left in the box from previous years, and wandered around the internet for some other ideas.

I decided I didn't like the idea of putting card 'sealed' within the fabric as thought it would be washable, but I didn't have anything other than iron on interfacing, I guess with more time I would have used something 'stiffer'.

I abandoned the idea of cardboard tubes all together, quite a few on the internet had them inside, but as I had some plastic bottles I used them.  They were bigger, and tbh less of a fiddle.

I decided to make the middle more whole, and not spilt down the middle, and I have used some hook and loop, but only on the back.  I also got some snaps and have added them.

Of course I had to make some hats too, these have some elastic at the back.  I made a couple of sizes, in the hope I can wear one without it going over my eyes!


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