Gingerbread house

Friday 24 December 2021

I bought a kit from IKEA - I fell a sense of irony from a flat pack furniture shop!

A simple design 4 sides 2 roof pieces and 4 chimney pieces.  I did use the Dr oetker 'glue' that they were selling - as thought it maybe easier.

I bought it ages ago, when I was buying the furniture for my room, so had kind of forgot about it.  I have never actually done one before...and had nothing for it!

I opted for some packs of sweets that I bought at the co-op, and then made some royal icing.  I knew where my icing nozzles were due to my massive move and re-organisation.  Must be almost 30 years since I have done any piping.

I used the remaining icing to make 'peppermint creams' with orange essence as I had no peppermint, I felt I needed a 'front' the house looked as though it was floating.  The trees are not edible!

I remembered I had the tiny snowflakes cake decorations - so added them later!


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