When is a Christmas Tree not a tree?

Friday 10 December 2021


When it is made from boxes....

The WI dabble ladies have all worked together to come up with this idea of making a tree from boxes for the Maulden church tree festival.

Starting with the boxes, are all 'used' boxes, and been decorated with donated 'scraps', and have been filled with donated warm clothes to be distributed to those in need. 

The decorations have been handknitted and crocheted from wool scraps, mittens from felt and a few needle felted items have been added too.

We have had great fun making it over the last few weeks, and were not 100% how it would all come together in the end, I hope you enjoy it and go to the church Saturday or Sunday to see all the other trees by local groups.

and here are a few videos that capture it better:

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