Sunday, 5 December 2021


This week I made sweets to take to Bognor to gift to people that help my Dad, and also some for Mum who is now in a home.

I had a lovely time making a variety.  Coconut Ice from the carnation milk website 
Coconut Ice following a friend's recipe, and 'snowballs' will put recipes at the end.

Made the old faithful Peanut butter balls

I also soaked some cherries in Drambuie and covered in chocolate, and another new idea from a friend, I encased some of them in marzipan before covering with chocolate.  Some cherries without the Drambuie too.

I made boxes as well, lining with doilies that I found many packets in my room move!

I think I should have cut the coconut ice smaller!  I did dip some of them in chocolate as well!

75 g butter -melted 
150 g caster sugar 
3 tabsp Condensed milk 
3 tabsp cocoa 
6 rounded tabsp rolled oats 
6 tabsp coconut for rolling

Stir together butter, sugar and condensed milk. Add dry ingredient.  Roll into balls and roll into coconut

Coconut Ice 
1 egg white 
100 g coconut 
2 tabsp condensed milk 
500 g icing sugar 
Red colouring 

Whisk egg white until lighter and frothy. Add coconut and then gradually add icing sugar. Carry on kneading for 5 minutes. Divide in half and add colouring to one. Roll out the pieces into two each pieces. Layer together with smear of condensed milk. Allow to air dry, turning the stack over occasionally. Cut into pieces with a sharp knife. 

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