Oh Dear

Thursday 24 May 2007

How easily led am I...here I am sitting at my PC - with loads of things planned for the day - including the dreaded housework, tax return work (way behind on this), card making - so much to do...the phone rings 11.20am. My friend Jane....'Hello, what are you doing? Do you fancy lunch as it is such a lovely day?'...my immediate answer is 'yes'...now what am I like!

So I met her at Poplars Nursery, Toddington. We had a nice relaxing lunch, wandered around the garden centre. And then popped into Craftability...I managed to send £10 on paper and some of those lovely little stamps that everyone has been talking about at £1.49. I already had two that H had sent to me....and now have another 5 to join them! I reckon that is it for me - some of the other words didn't quite appeal.

So now all I need to do is use them.

I also picked up a pack of paper that Polly has donated for a prize or two 'Polly Doodles'...they are fab - have you seen them? After the challenge has finished I will start offering some new prizes I have for the challenges.

I stood on the market to do my 'shift' on the Country Market stall - sales were not so hot - but never mind it was a glorious day, and bumped into people not seen for ages as always.

I treated myself to a lovely pendant from the florist 'Flowers with Flair' will have to take a photo of it at the weekend.

Minor trauma with Owen - he hurt his hand yesterday and arrived home with the same sad face he went out of the door with this morning...so we had a trip to the doctors. Great that they could fit us in and the Doctor was very sympathetic - far more than I was....she said he had strained it and needs to rest it! So I treated him to some Ibuprofen and some of that micropore tape as a special treat.....I think he is a little less sad now he know it is not broken! Unfortunately I thought repititive games like ps or pc stuff were not ideal so he watched a DVD! I had suggested he read a book!

I thought I would add the cards that I did for the BIG challenge - make three cards with the theme 'Romance' one with the word 'cherish' and one with the word 'love. The first is a stamp Sue lent me, the other two are just from punches and using the PC.

I popped in the library yesterday too and managed to get the Chocolate Lovers Club - sohave started reading that too!

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  1. Wow Caroyn yu have been a busy bee! :)

    i LOVE the stamp in the first card - it is gorgeous x

    Love Bex


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