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Sunday 20 May 2007

There is a new florist that has opened in Ampthil, Flowers with Flair. I popped in there the other day and she said she would do some of my cards on sale or return. As it was in town thought I would give it a go, I can pop in there most weeks. Mind you when I returned she had loads more cards than when I went in there 2 weeks ago, so not sure if they will be popular or not! So she has taken 18 and the basket that I took them only time will tell.

She has some nice gift stuff in there that she has sourced and is looking for local suppliers of anything handmade like that. Lovely jewellery that I was tempted with - although she is buying that in from Cornwall, so not very local!
So here is a catch up of some cards that I have made....

This one is the first attempt at shadow stamping - I will have another go at this Sheila Manic Stamper has given me some tips on how to make my own shodow stamp, as I fancied one a little bigger.

I still love the little black dress - and is great for girlie cards.

Well in case you had not noticed there is a BIG CHALLENGE over on the forum and it is lasting all WEEK...I have had a play - with some of the challenges and will have a go at some more later. I have been busy keeping the gallery tidy so that we can work out the scores easily - Sue has done all the work co-ordinating this and it is proving to be a BIG success.

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