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Monday 22 October 2007

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Well an amazing story seems to have 'evolved' from the Ampthill forum. A little snippet from a local Councillors blog was posted on there about the carnival bunting still being up...

"Ampthill Festival Bunting - The reason that the Festival Bunting is still up arises from the fact that due to local health and safety advice the local fire brigade are unable to take the bunting down. The Festival committee has always appreciated their assistance in the past and is working towards getting them down."

The local paper (who we suspect often pop into the forum as we have been quoted in the paper before!)...ran it as a front page story...and then all of the nationals and news on the TV have got hold of it. Somehow blown out of all proportion - "a massive row" was quoted on the ITV Anglia news, they actually came to the town to cover the story! AMAZING.

Whereas the people of Ampthill are not happy about the cancellation of their firework display that is organised by the Lions at the Ampthill Park, somehow negotiations between the Lions and the Ampthill Town Council (owners of the park) have broken down and it has been cancelled! Fab eh?

I was going to pop down to the town to make my third TV appearance....but didn't make time!

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  1. Hurrah for the Ampthill Forum... rivalling Reuters and CNN for covering the news stories that really! ;-)

    Rachel xx


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