Thursday 11 October 2007

I spent most of Wednesday cooking and took loads of cakes to the market today, as we were short of people cooking. I did manage to sell most of it - but unfortunately I have brought some home:
2 banana muffins
4 smarties cookies
2 chocolate brownies
1 ginger cake
4 flapjacks

I did take
12 banana muffins
12 smarties cookies
30 chocolate brownies
8 ginger cake
10 flapjacks
18 melting moments
9 lemon cakes
15 carrot cakes
...I packaged them in either 2, 3 or 4s

So I went with £40 of cakes and brought home £4 so I guess that isn't too bad - I can freeze some and I know someone that will eat some!

Someone came with a list of men's cards and of course I didn't have that many. so I have promised I will get some in the basket for next week.

Must get some pics on here.

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  1. Sounds a successful day to me!

    Thanks for commenting on my golden syrup dumplings - I hope you make them and enjoy them as much as I did!


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