The rest of half term

Sunday 28 October 2007

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Well the week is over - where did it go?

The Farmers Market was a success - although once again it was nowhere near as popular as it used to be - BUT we had very little left. I had baked extra as I knew we had an event tomorrow - but I had a few flapjacks left. I really do think Ampthill Town Council could do more to help it - but they won't even invest in a proper sign in the centre of town - they put laminated A4 (sometimes A3!) posters on the tree - oh well rant over.

I have put some pics here if you want a nosey of our week

We went to Linton Zoo in Cambridgeshire on Thursday and had a great day out, it was a nice small Zoo and was very well planted - I would think it would be lovely in the summer. The weather wasn't so good and there was only a handful of visitors. There are a pair of lions and they were playing like domestic cats - they had a ball and were ambushing each other - it was great fun to watch them.

This is the Tapir (sp?) and their baby - so cute looking like he is wearing pyjamas!

The crispy ducks in Chinatown...not the zoo

The Natural History Museum
How sad that the Dodo never survived

Two more challenges have been launched at - Clare has luanched an Autumn leaves, and Angelnorth has launched 'in the spotlight' they are both great challenges to get you are a couple of their example pics:


  1. You came up in Google Alerts! I agree with you, it astonishes me that the TC aren't publicising this -it's a good thing!

  2. thanks for visiting my site. I like the crafts! Been a while since I got creative but think am now inspired!

  3. Hi, you have a really lovely blog, i love all your hand made crafts they are lovely!


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