Advent soon

Wednesday 29 November 2006

I am planning a competition throughout advent on here - but you will have to be a forum member to be able to enter. So if you think you may want to join in then join the forum now and make a note of your username and password....then wait for Dec 1.

I have not managed to make much over the weekend - was a bit busy with the ribbons etc - but just had to make sure my new stamp worked, sorry not very edventurous - but a great funky stamp - will have to crack on and stamp some more. Now I have gone back to stamping I need more room in my room.....

Check out Carol's sweetie jars on her blog link on the right - they are fab!

I will try and make some cards in the next few days - a friend of mine has an empty box that I must refill, and I am seeing her next week.

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