Thursday 9 November 2006

These are bookmarks that are just made by threading some beads onto each end of some thonging (Sue gave me this idea last year!).

I did tie a knot in the centre of them so that the beads didn't get on a muddle, and the knot can stop it slipping through the book if you don't bother to put the threads in different pages. Quick and easy to do if you have some thonging. Make sure it is not too thick.

I took 5 along to the Country market this morning and actually sold two - mind you I did have to keep telling everyone what they were even though I have a book on the stall as a sample.

AND now I went into the Cookshop in Ampthill and she had 4 coasters at 50p - so I have bought them in the expectation to 'alter' them for Christmas.


  1. Hi Carolyn
    Have you thought of making a loop of stretchy cord with some beads on so that it fits around a book like an elastic band. It would reduce the risk of it falling out and being lost. If you did I'd be interested in buying one.

  2. Now there is a thought - need nice black elastic - I do have silver. I wonder what length though as hardbacks are quite a bit bigger.


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