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Friday 24 November 2006

Susan has launched another template today - looks complicated - but I bet some great cards can be made from it.

I have a fairly packed weekend in way way or another...first off need to pop down to the Ampthill Farmers Market (if it is still there in this wind!), and drop off my cards. With the weather as it is I don't really expect to sell much. TBH if it is too windy I can't leave much as it will blow away. Then I have several things I am doing for the web site...first off I need to get the ribbons on that everyone is keen to buy, then there are two things that are a secret for the Crafts by Carolyn Forum advent calendar.....well that is if they hopefully something for you to look forward to....

Lastly, we will have a take away Chinese as it was Pauls birthday on Tuesday and Owen didn't feel up to eating last weekend so it has been postponed until this! We were going out but have decided to work on the projects (aforementioned!)instead.

If I have some time at the end I will have a go at the template. Don't forget that Sheila's (bookworm) competition is still running and I have to say there have been some fab entries - so go on - you know you want to......

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