Bonfire Party

Sunday 5 November 2006

Well we had our annual event - the Woodruff bonfire party. It all went very smoothly.
Paul and Owen (well mainly Paul!) spent the morning building a bonfire, I cut down some extra stuff from the garden, which was added later. Somehow Owen seemed to have lost the enthusiasm for helping - I guess he is at that age - lazy
After lunch we all set to making a guy, took a bit of planning and scrunching of paper. This year he was more smartly dressed - more office worker style rather than casual...what do you think?

I then spent the rest of the day tidying the kitchen and getting some food ready (well OK not that much time!)

Aww and here is being burnt at the stake - what a strange tradition.....

I did a nice potful of mulled wine - and did it in the slow cooker - it kept it at an ideal temperature and would definitely recommend it. Shame only Wendy and I drank it.....! Wendy brought some fabby gingercake for us all to eat after we had munched through sausages and chicken drumsticks!

We all had sparklers - there seemed more than enough - and the kids had a lovely time.

I didn't take any pictures of the fireworks - too complicated for me - especially as I was in charge of lighting - with Wendy being second in command! She brought extra rockets and the man in the shop said give them a good shake before you light them.....and she believed him. I can honestly say it didn't seem to make any difference - but caused great laughs....

I know I have posted this link a few days ago - but if you didn't visit it, and you are doing a craft fair, she has added loads of guidance on doing a fair: tayloredexpressions

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  1. sounds and looks a great evening, and those notebooks are fantastic and whay too cheap at £1.60


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