Still indoors

Thursday 16 November 2006

Owen is still off sick, but a lot better today and has started eating. I let him sleep in this morning as he had been up in the night, so finally have finished my CJ. It is probably the hardest thing I have done with regard to crafting...and I used to ice cakes and make sugar flowers...tee hee
My pages will be a surprise when the book had been completed - but I can show you the sign in page - although Owen did point out that if it was at the back it should be the sign out...

I took my cards to the market this morning, but the weather was awful - only sold 2 cards - but at least I didn't have to stand with them.

Here are another couple of entries from the weekend challenge - just chose from random pages, so many to pick from - I am still completely overwhelmed by the respone...These are by Angelnorth and Bookworm......if you want to see all of the challenges they are here


  1. There are some really talented people on your craft forum.
    Sorry, what does CJ stand for? Is it Craft Journal?

  2. CJ is a circle journal. There are 5 of us in each group and we will each do two pages and then send it on to the next person.

    I have never done one before...all new to me too!


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