Weekend Challenge - Wow

Tuesday 14 November 2006

I am truly overwhelmed by the activity over the weekend on the forum, I really didn't expect there to be so much response. There were over 330 items made over the weekend - last week I was panicking thinking it would only be a few....

Everyone was so excited and a special thanks to Sue who started it all - but thank you to everyone - lots and lots of help from the mods and of course lots and lots of participating - which in the end was the most important.

I did enter a few more things, I managed an ATC with sewing and a notepad, and a coaster

I also did have to stop to do the orders - luckily there weren't many over the weekend, now every parcel has to go through the Royal Mail gismo to find out the cost of the postage...so I did have a valid excuse to stop a little.

Then Owen was not well...much better today tho!

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  1. my pleasure!!!

    and the aim was to craft and the forum sure did that


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