Ampthill Festival

Monday 26 June 2006

I had a busy weekend in one way or another...the busy - ness kind of started on Thursday when I suddenly had to do a market duty as the person I had swapped with some time ago forgot...!! I then made cards for the Ampthill Farmer's Market and caught up on craft orders.

Then it was work on Friday....

...Saturday I got up popped my cards down to the market and then made cakes for Scout refreshment tent - at Ampthill Festival Sunday - I made melting moments, lemon cake, chocolate brownies and carrot cake...all seemed a success, next time I will be baking it will be in my NEW kitchen!

Sunday did some orders and caught the post, then it was down to the festival to take the cakes and do my bit of manning 12 - 2. It was a really lovely day - and the festival was really busy. The theme was Circus and the lower schools and guides and cubs/scouts were all in the parade. There were some great costumes interspersed with some 'professionals' - the children really seemed to be enjoying the day.

There were a lot of morris men - around and about - they started in the town before heading off to the park, there were several 'visiting' from various parts of the country......

Our new Lady Town Mayor opened the 'festival'. Well done to the organisers, another great success, really clever they way they seem to organise the weather these last two years as well! And the tea tent sold out (well pretty much) which made some money to help along the scout activities.

You can see a lot more photos here: Ampthill Festival 2006 photos


  1. Carolyn looks and sounds a fab day for all - and some great costumes. And I have to say lurrvvvveee your music vid!

  2. ...well I only added the vid after seeing yours!


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