Thursday 22 June 2006

Need to do some proper blogging - but have been very busy - although seemingly not doing much!

I did a 2 hour session on the Country Markets this morning - I had swapped with a friend but she had forgotten - so was all a bit last minute! Oh well got me out of the house eh (thanks Jane tee hee). I didn't sell much, but for some reason it spurred me into life for making a few cards for the Farmer's Market. Decided to do some tall ones again - not done any for ages and think that Ampthill maybe ready for a different shape this time!

I ordered my new oven and it will be delivered on Wednesday...went all round the internet and then finally decided to phone up John Lewis so I could get a delivery date there and then and two year guarantee! Could have saved myself about 2 hours.....but things have to be checked....

Oh well next project to design a banner for this and to update the web site for some new bits and pieces....

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