..the sun still shone - well almost

Sunday 4 June 2006

Well the day seemed to come and go, even though I found some time for sitting in the garden.

I did some orders this morning and then popped out to see how the little birds were doing, they were tweeting away, and coming right up to the hole. I then nipped out to get petrol - such a pain now - I had to go all the way to Tesco's...and a little bit of sunshine menas everyone goes shopping. Put the order in the box to catch the 11.15 post, got my cards back from a country Market member.

Once I got home, had another little look at the birds! Went in to get the camera - got sidetracked...eventually went out....and they had gone

Oh well will have to wait til next year now!

I started cutting some bushes down - that are spring flowering...and noticed another nest - so I decided to leave it just in case. We popped out again later and saw a blackbird sitting in it...so just as well I stopped! Also had baby thrushes in the garden today - so all in all a wildlife day!

I have taken most of the photos of the new ribbon, just need to spend ages cropping etc....

Finally, I took a pic of the reclaimed card stand, not full! - but very pleased at the look of the stand.

...even better to think the stand was going to the tip.

Then just as I thought I would have another sit down the sun went in!....came over all grey for a while.... :?

Owen played cricket this morning, and then spent ages on a school project :shock: amazed at the amount they had to do!

Back to work tomorrow

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