Owen's Birthday

Friday 9 June 2006

Well my little lad has reached the grand age of 11 - not quite as tall as me - but seriously getting there. What a fabulous weather day for a birthday too, something I have never had being a january baby, I haven't even been abroad on my birthday either.

He still had to go to school - which always seems mighty unfair, but 'rules is rules' I suppose. I had to go to work! He had the PSP that he had been wanting for ages and my aren't the graphics fab. Also the mobile phone was an early birthday pressie, and he also got money from various people. What a lucky lad...when I was 11 I guess I got an Enid Blyton book, an annual and a jigsaw probably....

He had fun playing with water in the garden with two friends, and then we had a chinese takeaway followed by homemade chocolate cake. Unfortunately I didn't think of taking a photo until it was almost too late...so only a couple of bad snaps!

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