Wednesday 28 June 2006

Well today the kitchen was delivered and it is all in the garage...many boxes and I have checked that it is all there! Then this afternoon the oven arrived - so everything is ready to go (I think and I hope). A nerve wracking time - hope I have got it all right.

OWen has had two of his SAT results - Maths he got 5B (5A being the top) and 5,5, 4 in English (each paper has top marks of 5). So we are very pleased, and so is he!

Popped along to the Ampthill Town Plan meeting this evening and I didn't realise that the man in 'The Royal' - sorry don't really watch it so not sure what his name is but the one that plays the main doctor - well anyway he lives in Ampthill.

I shall go and find him on the internet.....

Stop Press just found his name is Robert Daws - and he was in Roger Roger which I have to say I did used to watch...!

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