Fab Day

Wednesday 14 June 2006

Well as days go this one was really nice!

I wasn't at work...so that is a good start.

Then after a conversation on MSN with friend of mine from my craft forum, we suddenly decided to visit Stamp Addicts on the Woburn Industrial Estate. So she came round to pick me up...just as we were leaving a friend of mine that lives in Australia rang :shock: ....to let me know that she will be coming to live in the UK for a year starting in August. So that was exciting news and Owen is looking forward to seeing Tom again. By all accounts they breed them big over there and I think Tom is taller than me - so Owen will be quite small :)

She left Ampthill nearly 3 years ago - so she will be able to see the change in the town!

Anyway we managed to get to Stamp Addicts - what a lovely shop, I bought a few bits and Sue bought a whole lot more...then we had lunch at The Chequers on the way back.

Delivered the last few Ampthill Festival Programmes, quite enjoyed the wander round - maybe I should get a paper round.....

The only bad thing was the sun had gone into hiding...I hope it is back tomorrow. :)

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  1. ooo who was your friend from the craft forum she sounds lovely


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